Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home Time Vol VII

Monday last week was a busy day at home. We did loads and loads and loads of laundry, finished unpacking suitcases, and I worked in the yard since the forecast was for rain the rest of the week.
My two little helpers. ;o)
After their naps I brought the girls outside with me so they could play while I finished the yardwork.Joy was hammin' it up for the camera!
Such a delight to have a responsive baby. :o)
Being good while I picked parsley and mint for the dehydrator.
Parsley stems made good trees. :o)
Dreamer Hope watching the sand filter through her little pots.
The sky didn't lie...
I quickly finished my work and whisked the girls inside just as the first few big drops started to fall from the sky and the winds started to swoop around.
With Joy's habit of putting everything she can pick up into her mouth I decided it was best not to put her in the sandbox with Hope. I got the sandbox and toys put away and finished BBQ-ing the chicken in the rain and then enjoyed the calm warmth of the house, two happy girls, and one loving hubby over a yummy dinner.
Wednesday we had some friends over and Hope learned how to do "Ring around the Rosie."
Once she got over the fact that you were supposed to fall down, things were a lot of fun.
Banging my water bottle around as the skies let loose again.
Quite happy with herself that she has something of Mommy's .
After naptime Hope wanted me to come downstairs and play in her house with her and her dollies. :o)
And so I did.
Having got this dolly all bundled up it was decided that she should be the one to ride in the stroller.
I decided to set the drooling one in front of the dishwasher with a few magnetic toys to see if that would occupy her while I got supper on.
It worked reasonably well... until all the toys were pulled off and scattered out of her reach.
Little people lover. :o)
Hope was giving Joy a ride in the walker until she spotted my shoes by the front door, which she then decided to walk around in for a while. :o)
A story with Daddy to settle her down before bed.
I think Josh gave her the dump truck, and it actually worked pretty good, as she couldn't fling it around and away from herself as easily with small toys.

Enjoy seeing a little bit of the girls at play. :o)

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