Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Sunday Evening

A week ago Sunday, we took the girls to a nearby lake in the evening, in the hopes of finding some pebbles to toss into the water, some trails to walk on together, and a playground to frolic around in.
Though it had just rained and was a bit on the cool side, we found what we were looking for at Wabamun Provincial Park. :o) As you can see, Hopey is trying out the big girl swings these days!
While her little sister Joy thinks the baby swings are the greatest!
Hee hee. Our short little kiddos!
Hopey decided it would be fun to "swing side Joy" so she went into the little kid swing for a while.
Just hanging out and loving it. She may be little, but she's solid!
Dreamer girl. One of Joy's many faces. She does this one quite often... don't know what it is about her bottom lip that she likes so much... :o)
Time for an underduck, Hope! One....
Three..... and up, up, and away!
....and back again... :o)
After some time at the shore line and the playground we plopped the girls in our handy double stroller and headed off on a trail through the woods. We love the big wheels on this stroller! It makes it very easy to push over varied terrains.
Josh and his two girls. :o)
Glad he was pushing the stroller up that slippery incline, not me!
The path eventually lead to a clearing, which we discovered later was a Group Use Area. :o) Hope got out and walked around for a bit.
Charming shot of yours truly.
Looking at the garbage in the fire pit. These little water droplets caught my eye as we were walking.
Love Alberta roses!

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