Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A trip to the farm, Pt 1

Josh was gone on a six day long business trip last week, so I packed up the girls and ventured out for the southern lands of Lethbridge and Foremost to visit my sisters and my family. I had a special time driving my little girlies, praying lots for contentment for Joy along the way, and thanking the Lord for the blessing of Hope's cheerfulness and my alertness as I drove. Hope is a great little traveler. She loves to look out the windows and chatter about what she sees. Both girls also inherited my love for listening to music, so we did a lot of that together as we drove. Lydia was at the farm for Monday night, in between her teaching in Foremost and Lethbridge. Hope knows every one of her Aunt's and Uncle's pretty well now, and seems to know what to ask each one for. :o) "Lyddie colour wiff Hopey?" "Avey bounce wiff Hopey?"
These two spent lots of time together. Ave is so good with babies.
I think Joy wants watermelon too, what do you think? :o)
Joy was captivated by Uncle Luke's guitar playing and singing. :o) May she have a heart for worship as she grows up.
Tuesday night my Mum offered to have some friends over so I could visit with them and meet their newest little ones who were born around the time Joy was born. I was so blessed the fellowship! Mum and Dad are polished hosts!
Ruth Jost, 7 months old. She loved the Jolly Jumper and stayed in it the whole time we were eating supper.
Karina (Fehr) asked if she could hold Joy, to which I gladly obliged. I have a picture of her with Hope when Hope was just born, so it was extra special to have her hold Joy too!
Joy and Ruth are just one month apart in age.
I thought they did really good at having their picture taken.
And Karina did really good in holding onto the two of them. :o)
Hope was feeling a little shy that evening, and spent a good deal of time on Granny's knee. However, when she walked into the living room to play her first choice was the John Deere tractor's with Daniel, not the blocks with the other girls!!! Love that little kid!
Mum said Hope played with one cup of tea and a spoon for almost an hour on her knee while I was feeding Joy and visiting with Sharla and Rebecca in the living room.
Dad kept Lucy, Karina, and Nathan in giggles as he played blocks and built things for them again and again as they would crash them.
I love my Dad! He was such a sweetheart to play with the little ones like that!
L-l-l-ook out world, here she comes!
There's Ethan (Fehr). I can't recall where he was when we put the other babies on the couch for a picture. :o) He's such a sweet little guy, giving smiles even though that colic was bothering him again!
Luke was giving Joy a version of an airplane ride, with Avery's face being the destination point. :o) Luke's big hands contain Joy's rolly tummy very nicely don't you think?
Tryin' out Granny's jolly jumper the next morning. She likes the jumping part, she just doesn't like it that she can be walked away from so easily while in it, social second born that she is!
Play time with Uncle Avery. Mum found the old busy box all us kids grew up with and Joy quite enjoyed it at the farm!
Oh yes... she's a cuddler. :o) So fun.
Big yawn, little girl.
It was cold and windy most of our time at the farm, but Hopey was desperate to get outside so Granny whisked her out for a little bit one morning.
They picked some Johnny-Jump-Ups together, and Mum said Hope was picking one for everyone by name, even "Uncle Uuuke." (Luke)
Hopey discovering the joy of raisins...
While Joy discovers much joy in banging on and twirling around and old ice cream container.
A little bit of playtime after Wednesday's bath to let her hair dry.

More pics to come.

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  1. This is beautiful, Erin! I borrowed some of your photos for my blog today ( Thank you for capturing life with your lens and savouring life with your poetic gratitude.