Monday, June 20, 2011

To Count His Gifts, Vol 4

Selections from 170-245

Dirty Kleenexes to pick up (others with me in the home)
Child's delight in being with me
Strength to rise before children
Anticipation of the day ahead - seeking blessing & guidance
Toddler quiet & peaceful through the nights
Sister here to visit
Majesty His robe, strength His belt - my Jesus
Hot water
Folded diapers
Baby smiling into my eyes
Hubby's help
Bye-bye hugs from my little girl
Gardening advice from an experienced friend
New cloths for little ones
Supper simmering in crock pot
Playing pretend with my imaginative toddler
Lemonade served when I was craving it
Unplanned shopping on discount day
Homemade flannel baby blankets
Ironing to do (family to clothe)
Amazing grace
Toddler singing herself to sleep
Vegetables & flowers growing side by side in lilac bed
Baby to kiss
Forgotten about bracelet found
Toddler learning The Lord's Prayer
Fragrant roses blooming in back yard
Baby sitting up on her own
Lingering perfume of rain
Promise of resurrection a comfort
Successful transplanting in back yard beds
Aroma of freshly baked bread during a break in the rain
New-to-us floor puzzle for toddler on a rainy day
Floors washed!!!
Company stoked about menu selection
Music to learn
Baby's first two teeth at 6 months 1 day
Updates on friends blog
Peace in the night (nursing baby)
Realization of new friends gained
Listening to drip-drop of the rain on the front step eaves
Yard washed clean in rain bursts with colour
Baking cookies with toddler
Free groceries from points!
Shooting nature after a rainfall
Sun-dog seen and headed
Discounts on needed items
Bathroom reno plans underway

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