Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last week at our house

It's Thursday already!!! Busy week here. Thought I'd have these pictures up on Monday. Oh well. :o) Joy chillin in the rocker like a big girl.
Reaching for one of her play beans under Daddy's chair.
Can't remember what she was saying...
Reading Joy a story. Josh was gone on business for the first three days of last week, so it was just a house full of girls in our neck of the woods!
I had to nurse Joy and Hope was still eating her lunch. When I finished with Joy I found Hopey asleep on the table. Little sweetheart... :o) Cutting 2 yr molars is exhausting!!!
Hopey playing at an old game - beans!!!
Joy keeping the watchful eye on big sis.
And liking it too.
After dressing Hope one morning I set her down and told her I would get her breakfast in a couple minutes... (I think I had to dress Joy still.) When I came down the hall a few minutes later I found Hope playing all quiet and happy with her blocks, which she got out on her own!!!
As you can see, she was looking for one. "Orn'ge one, orn'ge one" she kept saying.
"Ho-ho-ho" she found it.
After bath time on Wednesday I let the girls have a special treat - a movie! I set the laptop up in the crib and turned on the Steve Green "Hide 'Em in Your Heart" songs for them. As you can see, Hope's "baby" had to watch the movie and be under the blankie too! I know Joy is looking at the camera in this shot, but she really was watching it with Hope!
With Josh's anticipated return late that night, I wanted there to be something more than just "Welcome Home" written on the wipe board, so I set the table for breakfast, to give a welcoming sense in the kitchen. :o)
Playing on her blanket.
She was pulling and chewing on the sides more than playing with the dangling toys. :o)
She took a fancy to these as I was washing them out for recycling, so I set her on the floor with them and she was happy batting them around for a while.
Lyddie came for the weekend and we took the girls to the park while Josh was at church on Saturday. I've thought of doing this, but Lydia was actually the one to put both girls in the swing at the same time! Joy liked it better than Hope, but Hope played along for a little bit.
Givin' Auntie Lyddie "five!"
Swingin' like a pro... with her beloved thumb to chew on, of course.
"Dauhhh Mom - this sunshine is bright!!!" I somehow left without a sun hat for her that day. Oh well. She likes hoods better, she kinda thrashes around when she has hat strings tied under her chinny chin chin.
Blowin' bubbles.
Lyd and Hope being goofy together.
And what's a special weekend without presents??? :o) LOL! Mum had found a sale at Zellers earlier in the week so she sent a couple new outfits for the girls. Hope was delighted!!
These two just crack me up!
"OK, Dad. I've gotta at least have my hand on it... You can't have all the fun without me you know!"
"Humph!!! I've been bettered. Ratttts!"
"Me? Guilty?"
Joy the mover rolling around after Hopey and her fun.
Josh contained the active little one on his lap for a bit while setting up a game of Settlers of Catan. Josh whooped Lydia and I. I didn't even bother counting my measly amount of points.
Sunday was winding down and I managed to remember to get a couple shots of Lyd and Joy together.
We had a lovely weekend! Thanks for coming, sis!
Hope chasing herself around. :o)

Enjoy the brief clip of the girls swinging together. :o)

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