Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol VI

It's been raining a lot in Spruce Grove this summer, which is useful for feeling like baking! Peaches and nectarines have been an amazing price up here recently, so Hope and I decided to bake pies one day! I think she thought it was a sandbox or something! We didn't lose too much of it, just some! Next time I won't leave her shoes on her feet! Socks I can just rinse and wash... shoes take a bit more work to get clean. Sorry... it got on to supper time, so I didn't take pictures of the completed pies. Thanks for the pastry recipe Aunt Lora! Josh liked it!
Helping Mommy clean up the mess. Or helping Mommy by playing with the bubbles and her plastic dishes in the sink while Mommy cleans up the mess! :o) However you wanna say it.
Towel works until I get time to make her an apron!
Enjoying her piano while Mommy does the laundry. Hey - does she actually look a wee bit chubby in this shot? :o) She sure does a lot with those mere 17 1/2 pounds she carries around all day, and she sure eats a lot! Must have a high metabolism like her Mommy and Daddy.
She really wanted some cherries to be put in a bowl in front of her, and she really wanted a spoon too! She didn't eat the cherries mind you.... what a girl!
Her first time to actually want a cookie. I made these pumpkin drop cookies for Bible Study, and I think Hope thought they were buns when she saw them on the cooling rack, because she started saying "breah, breah" (how she says "bread") and pointing to them. After a bite or two she discovered they weren't buns and pretty much lost interest. Hey - she doesn't like sugar, that's just fine with me!

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