Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A trip to the UOFA Devonian Botanical Gardens

On Saturday, we took our guests to the nearby Botanical Gardens! Josh has been wanting to go there for years, and our friends were quite interested in it themselves, so we thought it would be a good idea to have a day out together. First, we walked through the Japanese part of the garden, where there was this great big gong! Mitch brings out the relaxed/funny side of Josh, which was great for my hard-working hubby. Only problem with this pose is the location of Josh's left hand (the post is supposed to swing into the gong to make it sound)! Ooops!
Yes, Mitch is as tall as he looks!
And yes, I am as short as I look. Not even standing on the top of the curved bridge helped! Oh well! I like my height.
It was a hot summer afternoon, and the Doodle-Bug played herself to sleep in her stroller. She slept with her foot up like that for a good while.
A branch of a Tamarack tree.
A pomegranate growing in the Butterfly House.
Don't you love God's creativity?
A photogenic butterfly - at last. :o)
Just love the daintiness of this beautiful little flower.
Getting out into the sunshine we saw some flowers common to our local growing area.
Can't remember what this odd looking plant was called, though it looked like a miniature Palm Tree made out of Aloe Vera type leaves!
More of the plant.
While most of the garden was beautifully maintained, Mitch spotted this one skinny, very tall tree that was obviously the furthest thing from alive. Decided it would be a good posing post for him! Had it not been for my tummy and a toddler who wanted to crawl all over me while I was taking the picture, I might have actually been able to position myself to get the whole tree in the shot.
Note the tip-toes.
Awake with a smile, though not at first, as a bump from Daddy caused her naptime to be over on rather short notice. :o)
More beauty.
Bashful blossom.
Two California gals with their state flower, the California Golden Poppy.
We were hot and needed to sit down in some shade for a break. Hope was ready for a break from the stroller, so around and around and around Josh and I she went in this cute little circle.
Picking up her hat along the way, to give it to Mommy.
"Hi-a." One of her most recent words.
Feeling refreshed, we got up to resume our tour of the garden.
Hope wanted nothing to do with the stroller at the moment.
She was quite content to walk on the grass, and our long-legged companions didn't seem to mind her toddling pace.
Hey - it looks like Hope has the lead as everyone comes out of the glen. Notice the tallest one of the bunch is pushing the empty stroller. So happy to be free.
Daddy took her hand so she wouldn't fall and skin her knees on the bricks.
Just love to see how Josh loves his little girl!
Guess what we're about to do?
Not that this is the best action toddler's shoulder joints, but it sure made her giggle, and hey -we all survived this as a kid, so it can't be that bad. Sure helps the slow moving one catch up with the rest.
My dear ones.
After much walking we finally made it to "The Maze" a narrow winding pathway cleared between Caragana bushes. It circled around and around, in and out, till arriving a some strange looking metal creation painted orange in the center.
Off they go into the maze.
After the maze, we climbed a little slope to this tower, erected in the honour of a Scottsman. Sorry, I'm not good with history or names, so I don't remember the name of the man.
It was a cool little tower, architecturally speaking, that is.
After the tower we came upon a section called the "American Trial Plot." These orange flowers looked like marigolds on steroids.
I think they were called "Tanganes."
The pathway separating the garden plots was made out of recycled rubber tires, which gave a cushy sensation when you stepped on it.
Recognize these?
Good ol' delphiniums! I think I'll plant some next year to give our front bed some height variation. Thanks to Mitch for the suggestion. :o)
Wild mushrooms grow everywhere on rainy years!
A stranger kindly obliged and took this group shot of all of us before we got in our vehicles to come home for supper. L-R Mariann, Marilyn, Josh, Erin, Mitch, and Hope.
After supper, while I was bathing Hope and putting her to bed, the rest of them got together around the piano to sing some old time favourites that Albert used to play. Marilyn went to college with Albert, so she remembers his style from those days. I think Hope liked the live music as she was going to sleep.

Thank you to our friends for coming all this way to visit us! We were blessed incredibly by the Spirit of the Lord in you!

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  1. We always call them Hen and Chicks. The Latin name is Sempervivum Tectorum. Unfortunately I can never remember the names when I need them :)

    Looks like you had a really nice day.