Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day at Fort Edmonton Park

This past Saturday (hey, that's only four days ago... must mean I'm about caught up - finally!) we had made plans to meet some friends and spend the day together at Fort Edmonton Park, a living history park near here. A day off for me is a day out of the kitchen, so I asked Josh if we could go out for breakfast before driving to the park!Hope's first restaurant colouring page, courtesy of the local Humpty's.
Daddy writes her name to show her what you're supposed to do with the crayon!
Eating toast soon won out over colouring.
Nicole, the twinsies, and Lydia. We took lots of sitting breaks - Nicole and I with our tummies!
The Dad's pushing their girls on the swings while Nicole and I set out our picnic lunch. The swings were actually hung facing opposite ways. I supposed that makes it easier for the little tots to see the other little tots that are swinging at the same time! We could hear the little girls laughing while we set out lunch...such a sweet sound!
By the way, we Moms discovered that wet wipe containers make great swatting devices for ending the lives of pesky yellow jackets who want to eat your babies food! hee, hee, hee!
"Thank You, Lord, for strollers!" Hope was too distracted to eat much, but she was happy. :o)
Enjoying her new skill of walking. Heading for Daddy's arms, or maybe she was heading for me...
Lydia just learned how to walk too, though she's a bit wobbly yet, but she's a few months younger and a fair bit taller than Hope. It was so cute and so good to see our little ones on their feet!
Found a few moments to snap some flower shots...reminded me of my beginning days of photography!
These ones were growing around a fountain.
The lilies were growing outside a little building I didn't go into. Can't remember if it was a church or a school or what...the flowers had my attention.
How beautiful is our Father's creation!
I snapped this shot for my sis, Chloe, because she loves eating dates! These barrels were in the Hudson Bay trading post store. Back in the mid 1800's, supplies came in once a year, so you had to really order in bulk! And we think a two-week's stock up trip to Super Store is some amazing feat!
Treats suited to the person. :o)
And to end the day, we rode the train around the park. Thanks for snapping this one, Josh!

So thankful for friends! It's fun and such a blessing to have folks nearby who are in the same stage of life as you!

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  1. I saw the barrel before I read the caption, and thought, "Wow, imagine having an entire barrel of dates! What glory!" These pictures are darling, thank you for keeping us up to date. I love it.