Monday, July 19, 2010

Langemanns June Visit, Pt 5

Thursday, June 24th, Lorrie and all the kids but Joe left to visit Grandma and Grandpa in SK on their drive back to Denver. Still waiting for the deck permits to come through, Joe stayed on for another 10 days with us to wait for the necessary politics to go through and actually construct the deck! It got rather moist in the basement with all the rain outside and all the people inside, so I needed to air the quilts and let them dry out before folding them away into the linen closet. Chloe and Mum this shot made me think of you - given your love for quilts! For anyone who wants to know, the two quilts on the left are ones I made, the 3rd one from the left was my graduation quilt made by my Mum and the quilt on the right was a wedding gift to Josh and I, made by a group of gals in Denver!
We finally found time to harvest herbs from the garden beds! Hope was helping put the washed parsley onto the dehydrator for preservation! The parsley is growing like a weed here, for which I am glad because I like cooking with parsley that actually tastes like something!
That Sunday was a hot day here, so we tried to refresh ourselves with BBQ hamburgers, ice water, and followed by peanut M&M's for dessert. Hope got it into her head that it was her job to feed the adults the candies.
Joe and Josh ate as many as they could then we had to find a way to distract her while we put them away, because none of us wanted any more, thanks to her thoroughness!
Our little darling after her nap.
I just love this little romper Lorrie picked up for Hope at Costco.
Back to the dining room to be under the ceiling fan, I taught the guys a new game and Hope found new ways to play with her favourite Dominoes!
"Hmm, How many can I get in here, Momma?"
On Monday, Hope and I went to the acreage for part of a day so I could stain some boards for Joe, while he worked on the heavy construction stuff. Tuesday morning Joe found out that the permit had been approved when an inspector showed up unannounced as he was starting work on the deck that morning! :o)
Hope was such a good girl for me while I was working on staining the boards. She played in her stroller for a long time with a paint brush and a chunk of scrap wood I gave her, taking turns on the swings and merry-go-round too, of course! So thankful she loves the outdoors!
Later that week, Hope and I did a bunch of baking and cooking for the Fehrs, the friends who rent the acreage, as their 9th child was born that week, amid all the busyness of deck construction and septic tank back-ups!
Hope is getting quite good at actually getting things mixed together with a whisk! Yesterday, she whisked up the eggs I needed for cinnamon knots, and I didn't do any extra whisking myself before adding them to the dough!
Canada Day was coming up on Thursday, and cooking for 8 kids was a perfect excuse to have fun making Canada Day cupcakes!
Canada Day!!! Josh had the day off, so we headed out to the acreage to put in a day of work in an effort to help Joe, who was leaving two days later!
It was a total blast. So fun to see Josh working with his hands in a way other than the computer for a break!
Havin' fun? Oh yeahhh!
The breeze was a bit cool in the morning, and I discovered Hope's hood actually would stay in place if I had the hat on underneath it! :o)
Josh helping Joe with the measurements for spacing the posts.
After lunch James and the Fehr kids came outside so Mommy and newborn baby-brother could take a nap in peace and quiet! Joe did a great job of actually finding constructive work for most of them to help with!
Two of the little girls helped their Daddy measure and cut pieces of trex to create an edging under the top of the deck.
Joe was showing Josh how to level the posts. Some of the older kids took turns helping Josh with that, and the others helped me screw the short pieces onto the face of the deck.
With no rubber mallet along, we had to just tap over a leather glove, so as to not dent the wood!
I was helping Josh from the underside of the deck, tightening or loosening the nuts as he directed so as to level the posts. I heard all this laughter and turned to my left to see Joe sprawled under the deck a few feet from me, covered in saw dust and wood chips from whatever he was cutting, laughing merrily at me because I could sit up fully under the edge of the deck!
Josh and Joe worked till about 10:30 pm on Canada Day, and got the deck as near completion as they could. They even took in some fireworks afterwards. Hope and I were home and asleep by then! :o) Maybe next year I'll see fireworks...
Joe headed out early Friday morning to get the railing finished up before the inspector came, and the timing turned out perfectly! A little later that morning I headed out to take some pictures of the deck to send to Lorrie and Joe was just putting some finishing touches on the deck.
One of the side rails.
And yes, he did decide to put the lattice on after all. Sorry, I don't have a picture of the actual completed deck with the lattice on it! If I happen to get one I will post it! :o)
Catching a much deserved 40-winks while Josh and I finished supper prep. Love the socks, bro!
Saturday morning after a nice brunch with Tim Horton's coffee, courtesy of Josh, we piled into the car to take Joe to the airport! Hopey-Doodle sure loved having her cool Uncle here, even though you can't tell from her expression in this shot!
As we were buckling her back into the car we discovered Joe's watch beside her chair, as she had been playing with it on the drive over. Oh well... Uncle Matthew was anticipated to arrive in a few days, so we'd just send it back with him.

Stay tuned for more pictures!

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