Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Adventures and a visit from Uncle Matthew

After Joe left we got ready for Matthew to come, but we had a few days to do other things in between too! After supper one evening (hence Hope's tired expression) we pulled ourselves away from the dishes to try out Josh's newly acquired bike and bike trailer for Hope. Thanks to Avery for passing on his bike to me! Being the smallest sibling in a family (me) does have it's advantages! :o)
Josh took us to a little park I hadn't discovered before! Guess he and Joe found it when they were out walking one night. Hope was happy to see the swing.
After a short swing we put the Doodle Bug back in her trailer to ride her home for bedtime. :o) She did crack a few grins at me on the way back. :o)
With the new talent of walking, Hope is also discovering the new joy of climbing into/onto things. It was rather entertaining to watch her play with this box Josh brought back from Costco with groceries in it. Hope had fun picking it up and toting it around. Eventually, she planted the box in the kitchen where I was working, and had fun seeing how she could fit into it.
A quick few shots of my flowers out front. I went out to put some wooden skewers into one of my geranium pots to attach to the stems, as it was growing at quite an angle. While I took pictures Hope busied herself with dumping out the rest of the skewers onto the step.
Pink and white make me happy!
Little miss inquisitive!
We finally got a hot enough day to try out the pool for real!
Hope occupied herself by pouring water from these two containers for probably 35-40 minutes while I worked in the yard. Then I just had to sit down and play with her, and got her giggling which is always a refreshing sound.
Concentrated or what!
Matthew was with us Wed-Fri night that week, and had to work a little bit to win Hope's affection again, but he succeeded! (the ball was a great help!) Thought it was funny how both Matthew and Hope have sorta the same expression here.
"Get the ball Hopey, get the ball!"
"Whoosh!" I don't know who was laughing more from this game, Hope or Matthew!
"Uh, why do we have to stop for a silly picture, Uncle Matthew?" She'll understand the need to catch your breath one day I suppose. :o)
Josh and Hope were walking around our little circle and Matthew would jump out from behind the corners to make Hope giggle and squeal. I guess the nature of the activity lent itself to a short clip!

Thanks for staying with us Matthew. Hopefully you can bring your lovely bride with you next time you come. :o)

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