Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Langemanns June Visit, Pt 1

Lorrie and the seven children still in the nest came to stay with us from June 7-24. The main purpose of their trip was to build a deck and do some work at their acreage, which is about 12 minutes from our house. While waiting for all the necessary permits to come through for the deck, Joe and the guys did some work around here for us, which we very much appreciated!
After supper the first night Joe was anxious to burn some energy and do something. We had two cedars and one birch tree that needed taken down in our front yard, so after discovering the chain on the chain saw was on backwards and getting it switched around, he took down the trees and Daniel helped haul away the branches. It was hard for me to see the trees grow, but it's true that the birch was dying and the cedars were too overgrown to prune, so it was for the best.
Hope was happy to see Auntie Amy again, and quickly remembered that she liked to play with Amy's watch.
Grandma (Lorrie) picked up this FP piano at a garage sale for $1, and Hope enjoyed her new toy! Depending on the setting you have it on, it either plays just the keys you touch, or various pre-recorded sounds. Hope loves to bounce around to the tunes. We keep it in our laundry/freezer/storage room now, and Hope goes right for it every time we are working in that room.
I caught Lorrie laughing really hard while looking out the living room window one night. There on the front lawn were these two brothers, each with a tool of their trade - Josh with his ipad , and Joe with his measuring tape! They were looking at dimensions for making a brick bed around our two big Spruce trees in the front. :o)
Can you count 7 Langemanns in this picture? Somehow they fit into the kitchen while drying dishes and cleaning up after a big dinner one night. I was getting Hope ready for bed and heard a lot of noise coming from the other end of the hall, and this was what I found when I came searching!! :o) Thanks for your help everyone! You're the best.
Coming back from the acreage one afternoon, Lorrie and Amy brought in fresh rhubarb!!! Delightful! We washed it up right away and made a rhubarb crisp with some of it for dessert that night. Hope's takes a piece to chew on, and amazingly she took another and another and another! It was pretty astounding! Who needs sugar? :o)
"Hmm.... Just thinking about the aftertaste of this rhubarb, Momma."

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