Thursday, July 15, 2010

Langemanns June Visit, Pt 3

The weekend of June 18 & 19 we took the rest of the Langemanns to Spruce Meadows, one of our favourite summer weekend getaway places. We watched World and Olympic medalists and other equestrians from all over the world compete on the beautiful grounds at Spruce Meadows. Angie and Mom take their first glances at the riders.
True to Spruce Meadow tradition, rain was in the forecast, so we made sure to pack our umbrellas to keep us dry, plus blankets to keep us warm. Hope is determined to pull the umbrella out of the stroller all by herself!
No rain yet, which makes Hope a happy girl. Not quite walking on her own yet, she walked sideways along the bleacher platform, back and forth to the extent of how far we filled the seats.
Quite happy with herself, and happy to be free outside!
I know... I know... don't even want to think about all the germs that were on that platform, though all the dirt I scrubbed off her hands before dinner gave me a good idea. Oh well! Kids will be kids, and hey - germs are a part of life. Might as well get used to them!
It was getting rather chilly and blustery after supper on Friday, so I layered up the Hopey-Doodle with jackets and two pairs of pants, toque and gloves, since I knew she wouldn't sit still under blankets like the rest of us. She didn't seem to mind the "stuffed" feeling one bit!
Some of us keeping warm while watching the jumpers.
Josh walked around to ask about sheltered seating, and there was a covered pavilion open to the public for the evening, since the daytime events that were being hosted in it were over. To top it off, "Mr. Generous" did a Tim Horton's run to warm everybody up! What a sweetie my guy is! Pardon the eyes closed shot here. :o)
Saturday was an extra-happy day, as my family, minus Lydia who had previous commitments, drove up from Foremost to join us for the day's festivities. Uncle Avery wasted no time in getting the Hopey-Doodle into his arms. It took a little while for her to warm up to him again, but he kept at it and it paid off pretty quickly! PS. Her hair curled out like that all on her own, I promise!
Minding that her diaper bag doesn't fall off the trunk while we get her stroller set up. :o)
One of the award presentations.
Mum and Dad (Granny & Papa). Mum really gets into it!
Guess the red chairs weren't "cool" enough, so they found a nearby place to hang out where Luke and Andrew could play with their Nikons to their hearts content!
A picnic lunch to be remembered. Chilled chicken wings with fresh fruit & veggies, chips, juice, pop, and water! Oh yeah, and popcorn balls for dessert! Yum, Yum! Thanks to my Mum and Melody for helping put it together!
Saturday was sunny, as you can see, which made everyone happy and relaxed. We spread out on the lawn or the chairs as suited us, which meant the lawn most of the time for Hope!
Now, Langemanns mean Chocco sandals, which means lots of colourful shoes to pick up and tote around! By the way, Hope loves shoes. She's bound and determined to get this heavy sandal off the ground.
Tada! "Mummm, Mummmm...." That's her latest term for me. :o)
Hope Alberta Langemann with her loving grandparents. This is the first time I've ever captured this particular group in one shot! Grandpa Albert was there in our hearts!
Flattering shot. NOT. Guess I got into the cheering too. See my nice tummy bump? :o)
In between competitions we found time to take Hope to the playground. The swings were busy, so Auntie Amy agreed to help take Hope down the slide. Hope's not just sure what to make of slides by herself yet. Some-days she does them, some-days she doesn't.
Afternoon nap - finally. She was getting quite tired, after getting up with the birds (early early) that morning. I sat her on my lap facing me and told her to go to sleep. After a brief cry she complied, and oh my goodness, was she ever out! I transferred her to her stroller where she had a good sleep. Papa Collin had to "rock her" back to sleep once, but he said he used to do that all the time with me, so he didn't mind at all!
Andrew helping out a lady, namely Chloe, with her water cup.
After a full day of fresh air we found a resteraunt that would seat the 16 of us, and sat down for a nice meal. "Thanks for all the soda crackers, Swiss Chalet!"
The Gang, pt 1. Nice sunburns, by the way!
And The Gang, pt 2.
Afterwards we loaded into our respective vehicles to make the 3 - 4 hr drive home, my family to Foremost, and us to Spruce Grove. It was such a blessing to be together! Love you all!

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  1. I love the shot of Hope with her grandparents. Adorable! Yay for a day with both families. =)