Friday, July 9, 2010

Catch up shots from May and June

Things got busy right after we got home from Christy's wedding, so here's a bunch of catch up shots from that time.
Josh got a new ipad while in Denver. It has this cool touch screen that fascinates Hope. Here she's playing with a "pond" on Daddy's ipad that makes splashing noises and ripple motions when you touch the screen.
After two years of searching we determined wooden bookcases are very difficult to attain, unless you want to pay over $400 or something like that. So, in need of bookcases nonetheless, we picked up a couple standard cases from Canadian Tire, and here you can see that Hope is "helping" Daddy put them together.
Actually, I was the one helping Josh, though Hope did learn that she could hand us the little parts that we needed as we assembled the two shelves. Helping makes her sooo happy because she gets to be right where you/we are!
A couple days later, Hope and I sorted through our books and put them on the shelves. Somehow I didn't notice that she was tired, though she was kind of crying for no reason. She just zonked out on the basement floor all on her own while I was still working. What a dear little trooper!
Along with bookshelves, we also picked up a much desired BBQ from Canadian Tire, and Josh painstakingly put it together.
For a while, Hope watched from her stroller, as there were lots of small pieces to the BBQ.
Then, she helped me flatten cardboard boxes for recycling. This one needs a little work yet as you can see!
The man at his grill. For $99 and two hours of labour putting it together, it works great, and we've had many delicious meals off it. Josh is getting to be a "BBQ-extraodinaire"if I do say so myself!
The week after we were back from the wedding, we had a delightful visit from Phil and Sandy Hartzler.
Hope remembered them from our time together at the Langemanns in Denver, which was great, as she played contently with them while I finished dinner and Josh grilled.
After supper, while I got dessert, Phil read to Hope. He's the fastest reader I ever have heard as he actually kept up with reading the words at Hope's rapid rate of page-turning!
Sandy is a Mac user, so Josh was delighted to show what the ipad could do! Such fun and good fellowship with such precious saints! Thank you for blessing our home with your presence Phil & Sandy! We love you!
With Langemann's upcoming visit, Hope and I spent many hours in the kitchen getting meals and such ready for the freezer. Hope happily occupied herself in a variety of ways, as you will see in the following shots.
A new occupation - rinsing dishes. Gotta love the tip-toes. Sorry Hope, with me as your Mommy and Josh as your Daddy, you will be short all your life. It's just the way it is, kid!
Hee hee hee. Aren't baby feet so cute?
All that work at the sink makes one tired!
Sleeping like a baby, as they say! She's definitely a tummy-sleeper!
Food-storing Tupperware should only be allowed so much time on the floor before being washed. So, since she was the one who created the need for washing, I figured she should help me do it!
She gladly obliged. Dish washing/rinsing has now become "her thing" for after meal times! It works great, because we have to rinse all our dishes before loading them into the dishwasher anyways, so I just put some water and a little bit of soap for the bubble effect into the sink and Hope plays with the dishes which does a great rinse job! She will usually hand them to me or put them in the other sink when she's done, and then after select scrubbing, I just load them into the dishwasher.
We went over to Jason and Nicole's for dinner one evening, and enjoyed watching our little girls play together. They both did better with a Daddy or a Mommy nearby, but hey, they're both firstborns, so what can you say? :o)
Hope on a Sunday afternoon.
I just loved her in the outfit she had on that day, so I took a bunch of photos.
"Look what I can reach, Mommy!"
"But I have to reach really high!"
Daddy helped her out and plopped her up on the piano bench. It was quite adorable to watch her flip through the hymnal, look at a page for a minute, and then decide to turn the page over to find a different song. :o)
Oh yes - hymnals aren't the only thing Hope likes to flip through! She's recently discovered the joys of cookbooks, because they have pictures and words in them!
Playing with some dandelions, and still getting used to the deck.
Little Miss Outdoors! She'd live outside if she could. :o) (a girl after my own heart)
More kitchen time means more cookbooks, right? Actually, I prefer to cook from my imagination for the most part, but cookbooks are great for ideas, and Hope sure likes them.
She likes the camera too - wants to have it as you can see. :o)
Here we are making "Monster cookies." Hope likes to help me stir things.
"See - all by myself." :o) One day, Hope, one day....
Decides to see what these blue, red, green, yellow, and orange things are. She licked it enough to get blue on her tongue and then decided M&M's were something Mommy should have, not her.
"Uhhh Mum - this hat is TOO BIG!"
And it was, so I took it off.
Us at Chickakoo Lake, a old favourite Sunday afternoon hiking spot of the Langemann's. We decided to check it out before they got here. It was a bit breezy and cool, so we covered Hope with the blanket. It started to rain just as we got back to the car, but it was just a passing shower. A lovely outing for a Sunday afternoon!

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