Friday, July 16, 2010

Langemanns June Visit, Pt 4

The Monday after our Spruce Meadows weekend, the much-anticipated replacement of our living room windows happened!Above you see both old windows out with holes ready for the new ones.
A Christian friend did the work for us, and brought his own helper too, which was great.
In with the second one! It's amazing how much brighter the living room seemed after these were installed, even though they were the same size as the old ones. I think it's because these ones are white, whereas the old ones were dark brown. These new ones also have screens, which is a lovely blessing for summertime.
One day Melody and I voted for a game of Scrabble on the deck in the morning sunshine. We didn't want Hope to mess up our letters, so we brought the playpen out and put it beside us on the deck. It worked pretty good, as long as we made sure to play with her every few minutes!
A quick shot of the rose bushes in our back yard. Thanks to Joe for pruning out the dead branches and the 6 ft high weeds that were growing behind the roses.
Just a snapshot. She found a bag of Lays potato chips and wanted to eat them while the boys cleaned up the dishes. It was her first time to try potato chips, and she definitely didn't like them as much as the corn tortilla chips we usually let her have.
Daniel and Amy wanted me to try Hope's hair in just one pigtail one day, so I did. Daniel called it Hope's "rudder."
One of her funny grins.
She's got the crawling thing down pat.
Hope and I tagged along to the acreage one afternoon to sort through some things Lorrie had set aside for us in the attic. Progress on the deck looked slow, but they were still waiting for the permits, so they were being cautious to do too much too soon.
Acreage means swings!!! Hurray. Hope wasted no time telling us where she wanted to be!
"Peek-a-boo," where's Hope?
Joe with his capable side-kick!
I plopped Hope in her chair to play with her beans while I got supper ready.
Little miss adorable.
I'm so thankful for a content and curious child! She loves pouring stuff from one container into another, be it dirt, water, or beans! :o)
"Smile at Mommy, Hope."

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  1. Erin, I love all these recent posts. It is so fun to see pictures of your little girl and of your place and the visit with your family. Looks like you guys got a lot of stuff done around your house. =) I want to see a picture of the finished front yard bed. =)