Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A beautiful Day of Rest

A Sunday together as a family. Hope and I after church. Big smiles for Daddy.
Thanks to Auntie Chloe and Auntie Lydia for the pretty dress for Hope! Thanks, Honey, for the classy, comfy, maternity sweater for me!
Just loved this one with her looking directly into the camera!
One of her dramatic expressions! If she's got her ball and a playmate she's totally happy!
Just trying to capture some Hope moments for my sisters. :o)
Looking up at Daddy.
"Uhhh.... Peek-a-Boo!"
Happiness! I think the dress will fit her next summer too! Happiness again. :o)
After naps for all of us, Josh and I wanted to go for a longer bike ride and explore some of the trails here in Spruce Grove. The clover path in our back lawn is an excellent babysitter! We set Hope in it while we got the bikes and stuff ready.
"Sniff, Sniff." Auntie Melody taught Hope that this is what you do with flowers, and Hope consistently remembers. Beware - if Hope ever picks flowers near you she'll probably come right up to you with a fist full of blossoms and stick them in your face so you can smell them, all the while doing her smell expression too!
After a long meandering ride through some lovely wooded trails we found a park with a baby swing for Hope. We packed a few treats along, and these two enjoyed theirs on the swings.
It got a bit windy, but Hope didn't mind at all.
Something across the street had her complete attention, and she would not look at the camera!
Daddy and daughter enjoying popcorn twists. Don't worry, Mommy enjoyed all these treats too!
Still looking across the street.
After Josh and I ate all the watermelon (Hope has no interest in eating it herself) Hope decided to cart the empty container around and around the picnic blanket where Josh and I were still seated.
Around the corner she comes....
"Here Mommy. All done. " :o)
After a lovely break we packed up the bikes and headed home via Jack's Drive in, where Josh had a dipped cone and I had a frozen chocolate dipped banana. :o) The sky was getting stormy, but we were happy and blessed! Thank You, Lord, for creating a Day of Rest!

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