Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Langemanns June Visit, Pt 2

Sunday, after church, naps and a game of golf for Mom and Josh, we headed over to Chickakoo lake to go on a walk and have a picnic all together. It was special fun to visit one of Langemann's old haunts from when they used to live up here. Lots of memories of hiking there with Albert were shared while we walked along. Hope in her adorable "gently used" pink outfit from Grandma! Hope had a little cold, so she wasn't being overly free with her smiles right then.
Uncle Joe agreed to pack the little tot around the trails. It took Hope a few minutes to be convinced it was a good idea to ride, but once everyone got moving, she settled in for a nice ride on Joe's back.
Always busy, Hope had fun handing her hat back and forth to Daddy.
No editing done on this one. Just love the seeming stillness of the light out in Father's creation in early evening. Hope was getting downright relaxed in that thing! Joe was worried for her neck, because she kept riding with it back like this. I think she liked looking at the sunlight in the trees.
Makes me smile to see 15 month old Hope in a 9 month outfit, still riding around in her newborn Snugli, though it could have been a more comfortable ride for her if I'd thought to lengthen the torso part for her!
"Yeahhh, now we're talkin', Daddy!" Josh helped Hope use up some of that energy that had been accumulating while riding in the Snugli.
Surveying the remains of the picnic and grazing on the treats a few last times. The wind picked up in a hurry, which made us pick up in a hurry and head home to avoid being out in the oncoming storm!
While the Mommy's picked up, the others played. Uncle Joe helped Hope climb around on the big rocks, like she saw the other kids doing.
DIRT! And plenty of it! This was really Hope's first time playing in the dirt, because our yard is pretty much lawn and a few flower beds, which she's learning aren't for her to play in!
She rather enjoyed the experience! Thankful for our good laundry machines! :o) I like just letting her be free to explore things, when I know she's safe!
Getting right in there with the rest of them! I think Andrew was pouring dirt through his hands to show Hope how it worked.
Still waiting for the deck permits, the bed around our Spruce trees got some attention on Monday.
Had to chop through a surface root to get the brick bed dug out properly.
Hope was in and out of the house that morning, watching the guys when she wasn't in the way, and being brought indoors as needed. Uncle Danny takes a little break to play with her.
Helping Joe make sure everything looks right before laying the bricks.
So thankful Joe knew how to do this! We just told him what we wanted and he did a masterful job at it, with Daniel's fine assistance!
Around the bend they come...
And around the bend they go. Sorry, no finished picture to put in this post, but watch for one later! We're currently doing some other work on our front yard, so I thought I'd take pictures when it's all done.
Hope was helping with the lunch dishes, learning from her great aunties!

Stay tuned for more...

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